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Khosrow speaking about the Five Element Training course

Khosrow Khalighi founder and head teacher of Five Element Training courses talks about how the program began and what inspires him to teach this system of acupuncture.

Intro to Five Elements 4.21.15

Khosrow Khalighi visits ACTCM to present an introduction to Classical Five Element Acupuncture followed by a question and answer session, exploring:

  • What distinguishes the Five Element system from other forms of Chinese medicine.
  • The unique relevance of this system of medicine to our times.
  • The practical significance of treating the Body/Mind/Spirit.



Birth of a Training Program

In the mid 1980’s a group of acupuncturists and medical doctors participated in a series of weekend workshops on Classical Five Element Acupuncture that I was teaching in San Francisco. They became very excited about learning Five Element Acupuncture and approached me to train them to become practitioners of this unique approach. At that time there was no way to be trained in this system in California or on the West Coast. Acupuncturists and physicians had to leave their practices to go to Florida or to Maryland to study. This was not feasible for most practicing professionals. READ MORE

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We are now accepting applications for our class of 2021-2022

Continuing education units are offered for licensed Acupuncturists.