The Practice

Five Element Acupuncture is a complete and powerful system of acupuncture that has been handed down from antiquity and has always recognized that the highest form of medicine is preventative medicine.

Five Element healing is a holistic practice that applies the laws of nature to the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying causes, rather than the symptoms, of disease. The intent of treatment is to produce an enduring change that will lead to a state of true and vital health.

In this approach to acupuncture therapy, the practitioner treats the patient as a whole, considering the interplay of the physical body, the mind, and the spirit as a unity in relationship to the laws of nature and environmental influences. The practitioner focuses on discovering from which level the imbalance in the patient arises, rather than on the symptoms that are manifesting on the surface.”

Five Element Acupuncture Practice

We are now accepting applications for our class of 2021-2022!

Continuing eduction units are offered for licensed Acupuncturists.