Year One Program

First Year Program Class Schedule

October 1,2,3,4, 2021
November 12,13,14, 2021
December 10,11,12, 2021
January 7,8,9, 2022
February 4,5,6, 2022
March 4,5,6, 2022
April 1,2,3, 2022
May 13,14,15, 2022
Five Elements Acupuncture Training Program Year 1

Goals For The First Year Program

The goal of the First Year Program is to guide the student to develop a thorough appreciation of the Five Elements and the natural laws that govern the states of our health. Students will learn how to diagnose the causes of imbalance by awakening their innate abilities to see, hear, ask, and feel.

Development of Skills

The Five Element Acupuncture Training Program combines both an in-depth, theoretical study of acupuncture with the practical development of skills related to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

At the end of this year the students will have the following skills:

  • Classical Five Element pulse taking – how to ascertain the state of the body mind and spirit and the health of each of the twelve officials through the pulses.
  • Understanding treatment strategies unique to Classical Five Element Acupuncture – Windows of Sky, Aggressive Energy, Husband and Wife Imbalances, Possessions and use of Internal and External Dragons, Entry- Exit Blocks, Akabane imbalance


Year Two Program

Second Year Program Class Schedule

Classes are held in a clinical setting from October 2022 to May 2023 during the first weekend of the month.
Five Elements Acupuncture Training Program Year 2

Second Year – Clinical Development

Upon satisfactorily completing the First Year requirements and passing a comprehensive written and point location examination, students will be eligible to enroll in the Second Year Clinical Program.

Establish Your Own Practice

During this period, students begin treating patients under supervision and continue to receive direct instruction in a clinical setting. In addition, all students are required to arrange and complete a specific number of clinical observation hours and supervised patient treatments with a certified Five Element practitioner of their choice.

The goal of the Second Year Program is to prepare students to establish their own practice of Classical Five Element Acupuncture.

Practitioners Note: The actual practice of acupuncture is limited to those with an appropriate California licensing credential. Continuing Education Units will be available for licensed acupuncturists.

“I began the Five Element program with Khosrow Khalighi directly after I finished my MTCM and licensing process. In this program, I learned the critical details of patient-practitioner interactions that were never touched upon in my 4.5 years of TCM training.  No matter what style of acupuncture you practice, this style of building report and trust with the patient is invaluable and will help to build any practitioner’s practice more than any other skill you could possibly learn.”
Neva Healer
“I honestly cannot imagine my life without Five Element Acupuncture. I have immense gratitude for my years of study with Khosrow Khalighi. His deep love and mastery of Classical Chinese Medicine is abundantly apparent in the classroom and when seeing patients. The teachings and practices are delivered with great warmth, passion and generosity of spirit. Just as Five Element Acupuncture provides treatments that are truly personal and tailored to what is being asked for by the body, the mind and the spirit, Khosrow is committed to each student’s individual development. My study of, and work as a Five Element Acupuncturist has taken me to places of profound insight, transformation and a feeling of wholeness, all of which have enabled me to move forward in my life in a way I could never have foretold.”
Moira Opalka L.Ac, FNP
“I feel very fortunate to have received such an exquisite training from the ground up. I received meticulous teachings in the basic skills and principles of Five Element Acupuncture – and now that I am an advanced student, I continue to receive ongoing, long term support and supervision. What could be better? This keeps me inspired, on track, and further refining my skills.”
Kea Hedberg, L.Ac, MTCM