Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture Training is a program specifically designed for M.D.’s, licensed acupuncturists, and acupuncture students to learn the theory and practice of Five Element acupuncture while continuing to work at their jobs and/or attend school. The Five Element Trainings program was founded by Khosrow Khalighi, M.Ac. (U.K.), L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) in 1993.

In the Five Element Trainings program, students learn how to assess not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. To be able to do this is not a common skill in our culture at this time. Five Element Trainings is the only program of its kind that offers a complete two year long course, providing not only for learning the theory and practice of Five Element acupuncture but also for the embodiment of the spirit of this unique system of acupuncture.

Five Element Acupuncture


To Develop Your Skills

The course combines an in-depth theoretical study of acupuncture with the development of practical and clinical skills related to the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Throughout the Program, each student receives individualized instruction in developing the skills required to practice this system of medicine at its highest level. Some of these skills are:


Five Element Tradition

In the tradition from which this system has descended, students were taught in an apprenticeship relationship with a practitioner. The skills are developed over a period of time with the experience of seeing patients and getting feedback from an experienced practitioner. This program draws on that same method of teaching, while making it possible for working professionals to continue with their employment.


First Year Program

The Five Element Trainings program starts in the fall with an intensive four-day weekend (Friday to Monday) and then continues with a three-day weekend (Friday to Sunday) once a month for the next seven months. Students are given assignments to complete during the weeks between the classes, which help to develop the skills that are being taught. During the summer, after the first year of class, students continue with assignments to develop their skills, and also observe experienced practitioners in their practices to continue their apprenticeship.


Second Year Program

When the second year begins in the fall, students meet for one weekend per month, for eight months, to do the clinical portion of the training. At this time students may bring their own patients to class in order to begin diagnosing, planning treatments and administering treatments under supervision. This supervised treatment can continue on an individual basis with experienced practitioners after classes are completed. This program gives each student the individual instruction over a period of time that enables him/her to use Five Element acupuncture in practice at a highly effective level.

“Khosrow Khalighi’s mastery of the Classical 5 Element material is shared,
passed on, with such passion and love that his training is deeply inspiring and transforming. What a pleasure it has been to integrate the wisdom of Nature’s laws into my medical practice. There are many educators and too few true teachers. Gift yourself and your patients, by diving into this path.”
Steven Rotter, M.D.
“In our field, words like compassionate, open-hearted, authentic and humble tend to be overused and made stale.  Khosrow has resurrected these words and made them real for me again.  Going to class and being with Khosrow is a chance to return to the well, to reconnect with all of those feelings, to shed any cynicisms and hardenings that may have developed between classes and to be reinspired.  His way of being as a teacher has given me a glimpse of the practitioner I hope to become.”
Mimi Chang L.Ac
“This is an outstanding course.  As an internist, it has been the most helpful educational experience in my 38 years of practicing traditional western medicine.  Five elements acupuncture is a system of medicine that has integrated well in to my practice, offering effective treatments to patients that is beyond that which I learned in medical school.  This classical system of acupuncture unifies body, mind, and spirit for the patient and practitioner.  I strongly recommend it for acupuncturists and physicians who want to take their practice of medicine to the highest level.”
Scott Wood M.D