This is a system of medicine that is simple, yet subtle and profound and can touch you and your patients at your depths. Learning about the elements, experiencing them in yourself, in nature, in your patients – this can be a doorway into a vital understanding of health and healing, and a way to discover and reconnect with life’s inherent cycles and patterns.”

I came to study five element acupuncture because I was drawn by its simple beauty. I decided to study with Khosrow because It turns out that he is a masterful practitioner and teacher, of a rare caliber. How often do you have a chance to learn from someone of this level? I would say, not often. It’s been a journey and a learning of a depth that I couldn’t have imagined at the start. A humbling journey into the heart of healing. 

Kathryn Suslov M.D.
“I honestly cannot imagine my life without Five Element Acupuncture. I have immense gratitude for my years of study with Khosrow Khalighi. His deep love and mastery of Classical Chinese Medicine is abundantly apparent in the classroom and when seeing patients. The teachings and practices are delivered with great warmth, passion and generosity of spirit. Just as Five Element Acupuncture provides treatments that are truly personal and tailored to what is being asked for by the body, the mind and the spirit, Khosrow is committed to each student’s individual development. My study of, and work as a Five Element Acupuncturist has taken me to places of profound insight, transformation and a feeling of wholeness, all of which have enabled me to move forward in my life in a way I could never have foretold.”
Moira Opalka L.Ac, FNP
“I sincerely look forward to every class.  It’s not just that I know I’m going to learn a lot and improve my skills.  It’s not just that I love my cohort and feel so connected to this group of people who love this medicine the way I do.  Class is special because Khosrow is a special teacher.

In our field, words like compassionate, open-hearted, authentic and humble tend to be overused and made stale.  Khosrow has resurrected these words and made them real for me again.  Going to class and being with Khosrow is a chance to return to the well, to reconnect with all of those feelings, to shed any cynicisms and hardenings that may have developed between classes and to be reinspired.  His way of being as a teacher has given me a glimpse of the practitioner I hope to become.”

Mimi Chang L.Ac
“Khosrow Khalighi’s mastery of the Classical 5 Element material is shared, passed on, with such passion and love that his training is deeply inspiring and transforming. What a pleasure it has been to integrate the wisdom of Nature’s laws into my medical practice. There are many educators and too few true teachers. Gift yourself and your patients, by diving into this path.”
Steven Rotter, M.D.
“Khosrow Khalighi’s training program has been transformative for me and the other physicians and acupuncturists who have been fortunate to study with him. He holds very high standards for his students, encouraging them to approach the learning and practice of acupuncture by bringing all of themselves to it.”
Ellen Hughes, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSF
“This is an outstanding course.  As an internist, it has been the most helpful educational experience in my 38 years of practicing traditional western medicine.  Five elements acupuncture is a system of medicine that has integrated well in to my practice, offering effective treatments to patients that is beyond that which I learned in medical school.  This classical system of acupuncture unifies body, mind, and spirit for the patient and practitioner.  I strongly recommend it for acupuncturists and physicians who want to take their practice of medicine to the highest level.”
Scott Wood M.D
“Khosrow is my teacher and my mentor.  He is committed is to sharing the teaching of the Classical Five Element Acupuncture system at it’s highest level.  I am so grateful that l  have been able to study with him through the years.

A few years back, I mentioned to a patient that I had just returned from my Five Element Post Graduate training.  He asked “Did you learn any new tricks?”  I had to laugh and explain to him that the  theory of the Five Elements is pretty finite. What is not finite is the practice of accessing the deepest places within ourselves as practitioners. Places which allow us us to most clearly understand and help our patients.   Khosrow’s teaching have allowed me to develop and utilize theses abilities, as well as understanding all the theoretical and technical knowledge of acupuncture.

One of my greatest learning experience has been to observe him in the treatment room.  As a teacher, he is committed to sharing the Five Element teachings in their truest form.  Working with Khosrow continues to be the high point of my professional career and continues to help me elevate my own work as an acupuncturist.   I always leave his trainings feeling revitalized  and inspired.  Khosrow is a master. His wisdom and  teaching is unparalleled and I recommend them for anyone who wants learn Classical Five Element Acupuncture”

Alan Scopp
“I cannot imagine my acupuncture practice nor my everyday life without the training, the honing, the amazing stewardship of Khosrow Khalighi. His commitment to this medicine is unswerving and fierce; his care for the patients is gentle and full of Open Presence. There is a beauty, depth and security in training under someone who is so masterful.

I feel very fortunate to have received such an exquisite training from the ground up. I received meticulous teachings in the basic skills and principles of Five Element Acupuncture – and now that I am an advanced student, I continue to receive ongoing, long term support and supervision. What could be better? This keeps me inspired, on track, and further refining my skills.

Perhaps the biggest gift I have received from this program is how to truly BE with a patient and how to truly LISTEN. This is my long term practice and learning curve. With Khosrow’s guidance, I am unlearning old habits and embracing new ways of being that support Open Presence inside, as well as outside, the treatment room.”

Kea Hedberg, L.Ac, MTCM
“I began the Five Element program with Khosrow Khalighi directly after I finished my MTCM and licensing process. In this program, I learned the critical details of patient-practitioner interactions that were never touched upon in my 4.5 years of TCM training.  No matter what style of acupuncture you practice, this style of building report and trust with the patient is invaluable and will help to build any practitioner’s practice more than any other skill you could possibly learn.

In addition to patient interaction, I have learned many other key skills to assist in the Five Element diagnosis and treatment process including pulse taking, diagnosis, treatment methods, point location, etc.  Most importantly, I learned (and am still learning) how to feel into the needs of the patient energetically.  This is another invaluable tool for a practitioner of any style to meet the needs of the patient and ensure that they feel heard and cared for appropriately. A human being holding another human being in an envelope of trust is a rare occurrence these days.  Practicing the skills that Khosrow has taught me allows me to provide this service to my patients on a daily basis – what a gift!”

Neva Healer
“I am extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity I have received to study with Khosrow Khalighi in his Five Element Acupuncture Training program.

As a beginning student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I really felt that my initial training lacked something which I couldn’t put my finger on. I had had the opportunity to work in different acupuncture clinics and observe a variety of ways that a practice could be done. When I had the opportunity to work in Khosrow’s clinic I was impressed that many of the patients in this clinic were well. They had come initially for treatment perhaps 10 or 20 years prior and now they came for treatment as a “tune up” or preventative medicine. I knew that acupuncture had been practiced this way many centuries ago in China, but this was the first time I was seeing it happening in a modern day practice. I was so excited about this I started asking questions to Khosrow and his colleagues and I learned that they were practicing a particular style of acupuncture called “Classical” or “Five Element” acupuncture.

With an emphasis on a particular diagnostic tool called “causative factor” and an ability to understand how to use acupuncture points to connect the patient with aspects of their spirit, I could really sense that this was the piece of this medicine I was longing for. Instead of focusing on a patient’s symptoms and trying to get those symptoms to go away, the emphasis was on balancing the natural energetic current of the person and supporting their spirit so that their body’s own natural healing mechanism could function at its highest level.

I have now been a practitioner of this system of medicine for 13 years myself. Not only do I continue to be passionate about this work, I have also learned that this system is a complete system and can be practiced beautifully and deeply in it’s entirety.  Khosrow, who is also a very passionate teacher, understands the challenges we can face as practitioners to hone our skills, stay true to the way this system is meant to be practiced and do our best work. His program is designed to give us the raw information to practice Five Element Acupuncture but also continue to develop ourselves as practitioners.  If this is something you desire for yourself as an acupuncturist then I whole heartedly recommend this program. A simply excellent education!”

Kate Perkins LAc.
“Khosrow Khalighi is a masterful clinician and challenges his students to see and hear what it is that a person is truly asking for to be healed.”
Damon P. Miller, M.D.
“I always knew I wanted to be a Five Element Acupuncturist but I never knew how deep the practice really is until I studied with Khosrow Khalighi. Each time we meet, I am learning how deep the practice goes and how I continue to grow as a practitioner.”
Donna Parker

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