Five Element Acupuncture Training Program

The Five Elements Acupuncture Training Program is specifically designed for M.D.’s, licensed acupuncturists, and acupuncture students to learn Five Element acupuncture while continuing to work at their jobs and/or attend school.
To apply for the program:

  1. Please fill out the application form found on this page. In this application, you will have an option of either paying your deposit online or mailing in your deposit. When you complete this online application, you will receive an email with your application that you may print out and mail in with your deposit. If you would prefer to download your application, click here to download the application form.
  2. In the essay, describe your interest in the program and what motivates you to study Five Element Acupuncture.
  3. Pay the $100 deposit online or include a check with your application
  4. Upon the review of your application, an interview (by phone or in person) will be conducted with Khosrow as the final step of the process.
“Khosrow Khalighi is a masterful clinician and challenges his students to see and hear what it is that a person is truly asking for to be healed.”
Damon P. Miller, M.D.
“Khosrow Khalighi’s training program has been transformative for me and the other physicians and acupuncturists who have been fortunate to study with him. He holds very high standards for his students, encouraging them to approach the learning and practice of acupuncture by bringing all of themselves to it.”
Ellen Hughes, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSF
“I feel very fortunate to have received such an exquisite training from the ground up. I received meticulous teachings in the basic skills and principles of Five Element Acupuncture – and now that I am an advanced student, I continue to receive ongoing, long term support and supervision. What could be better? This keeps me inspired, on track, and further refining my skills.”
Kea Hedberg, L.Ac, MTCM