Five Element Acupuncture Training


Tuition for the first year is $6,500 and is due by the first day of class. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due by the first of August 2021 to reserve your spot in the class.

Five Element Acupuncture Training Tuition
“I cannot imagine my acupuncture practice nor my everyday life without the training, the honing, the amazing stewardship of Khosrow Khalighi. His commitment to this medicine is unswerving and fierce; his care for the patients is gentle and full of Open Presence. There is a beauty, depth and security in training under someone who is so masterful.”
Kea Hedberg, L.Ac, MTCM
I came to study five element acupuncture because I was drawn by its simple beauty. I decided to study with Khosrow because It turns out that he is a masterful practitioner and teacher, of a rare caliber. How often do you have a chance to learn from someone of this level? I would say, not often. It’s been a journey and a learning of a depth that I couldn’t have imagined at the start. A humbling journey into the heart of healing. 
Kathryn Suslov M.D.
“This is an outstanding course.  As an internist, it has been the most helpful educational experience in my 38 years of practicing traditional western medicine.  Five elements acupuncture is a system of medicine that has integrated well in to my practice, offering effective treatments to patients that is beyond that which I learned in medical school.  This classical system of acupuncture unifies body, mind, and spirit for the patient and practitioner.  I strongly recommend it for acupuncturists and physicians who want to take their practice of medicine to the highest level.”
Scott Wood M.D
“One of my greatest learning experience has been to observe him in the treatment room.  As a teacher, he is committed to sharing the Five Element teachings in their truest form.  Working with Khosrow continues to be the high point of my professional career and continues to help me elevate my own work as an acupuncturist.   I always leave his trainings feeling revitalized  and inspired.  Khosrow is a master. His wisdom and  teaching is unparalleled and I recommend them for anyone who wants learn Classical Five Element Acupuncture.”
Alan Scopp