Five Element Acupuncture

Thank you for applying to Five Elements Acupuncture Training Program. We have received your application. You will receive an email with a pdf of the application you just entered.

If you have paid your $100 deposit online, we will be contacting you shortly to discuss your application.

If you did not pay your $100 deposit online, please download the application you will receive via email and print this out and send the completed application form together with your check for $100 payable to Khosrow Khalighi and mail to:
Five Element Trainings
463 Woodland Road
Kentfield, CA 94904

“Khosrow Khalighi’s mastery of the Classical 5 Element material is shared,
passed on, with such passion and love that his training is deeply inspiring and transforming. What a pleasure it has been to integrate the wisdom of Nature’s laws into my medical practice. There are many educators and too few true teachers. Gift yourself and your patients, by diving into this path.”
Steven Rotter, M.D.
“In our field, words like compassionate, open-hearted, authentic and humble tend to be overused and made stale.  Khosrow has resurrected these words and made them real for me again.  Going to class and being with Khosrow is a chance to return to the well, to reconnect with all of those feelings, to shed any cynicisms and hardenings that may have developed between classes and to be reinspired.  His way of being as a teacher has given me a glimpse of the practitioner I hope to become.”
Mimi Chang L.Ac
“This is an outstanding course.  As an internist, it has been the most helpful educational experience in my 38 years of practicing traditional western medicine.  Five elements acupuncture is a system of medicine that has integrated well in to my practice, offering effective treatments to patients that is beyond that which I learned in medical school.  This classical system of acupuncture unifies body, mind, and spirit for the patient and practitioner.  I strongly recommend it for acupuncturists and physicians who want to take their practice of medicine to the highest level.”
Scott Wood M.D
“I came to study five element acupuncture because I was drawn by its simple beauty. I decided to study with Khosrow because It turns out that he is a masterful practitioner and teacher, of a rare caliber. How often do you have a chance to learn from someone of this level? I would say, not often. It’s been a journey and a learning of a depth that I couldn’t have imagined at the start. A humbling journey into the heart of healing.”
Kathryn Suslov M.D.
“Khosrow Khalighi’s training program has been transformative for me and the other physicians and acupuncturists who have been fortunate to study with him. He holds very high standards for his students, encouraging them to approach the learning and practice of acupuncture by bringing all of themselves to it.”
Ellen Hughes, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSF
“I feel very fortunate to have received such an exquisite training from the ground up. I received meticulous teachings in the basic skills and principles of Five Element Acupuncture – and now that I am an advanced student, I continue to receive ongoing, long term support and supervision. What could be better? This keeps me inspired, on track, and further refining my skills.”
Kea Hedberg, L.Ac, MTCM